Live Event Painting

"Live Event Painting" is a unique way to capture the magical moments of your event.  Agnes comes to your wedding, fundraiser, or birthday and creates a painting on-site. She sets to work early, painting the basic elements of the scenery to prepare for the final work of art.

By the time the crowd arrives, a vibrant sketch has taken place of the previously blank canvas, which is developed and perfected as the night progresses while the party's in full swing.

Film / Advertising / Set Sketches

Agnes works in the commercial and film industries as an illustrator/designer and creates architectural renderings and onsite paintings for celebrity events.

Her client list includes: Fox Studios, Paramount Pictures, E Entertainment and various other creative advertising agencies.

Contemporary Works

Agnes' series of abstract pieces were created with mixed media such as collage, various mediums, gold leaf and textures on wood and canvas surfaces. These works provide opportunities for her to break away from the figurative art approach and lets her freely experience with shapes, colors, and textures inspired by natural surfaces.